For nucleic acid testing, there are five important points to note

1: Do not eat two hours before sampling

Do not smoke, drink water, chew gum, betel nut, etc. 2:30 minutes before sampling. 3.

3: Wear a mask for the nucleic acid amplification test and avoid getting too close to strangers, preferably at a distance of more than one meter.

4: Reduce the number of patients swallowing during the clinical examination, and do not do the action of throat clearing.

5: The elderly, the weak, the disabled, 強制檢測結果通知時間 the young and other professionals can be sampled through the green channel.

Before doing the nucleic acid test, it is best to make an appointment at the official web WeChat account or service number to save time and avoid on-site registration, minimize the crowd and reduce risk.

It is best to avoid drinking or eating for two hours before the nucleic acid test, because when collecting data specimens, companies generally take a throat swab, which may use a cotton swab to stimulate the back wall of the throat, resulting in dry nausea and choking cough.

It is best to do the nucleic acid test, leave the site in a timely manner, know when the nucleic acid test results will be released, and get the report in a timely manner.

Avoid rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash prior to the nucleic acid test. These mouthwashes may kill disease-causing viruses in the mouth and may affect the accuracy of the test results

Avoid eating 2 hours before the nucleic acid test because the nucleic acid test requires full exposure of the pharynx and immersion of pharyngeal secretions into the test, which can irritate the pharyngeal reflex and cause nausea, vomiting, and coughing.

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