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If you don’t know, check out the proper way to use body wash.

I have to wet our body before using the shower gel water, it is better not to wet our body after pouring the shower gel water because it will wash away the shower gel water.

Don’t sprinkle the shower gel on the flowers, 沐浴露推薦 so the bottle will be full of water and the shower gel will not last long.

2. Then pour the bath on the bath sponge or bath mitt. Be sure to pour it on the bath accessories, otherwise it will not only be wasteful, but also bad.

If you don’t believe me, you can contrast using bath cotton and then use the cotton without bath. See if you will get used to no bath

3. and then the bath cotton rubbed up rich foam, need to remember that oh if there is no foam do not rub to the body, this is not throwing the body wash because the bath cotton is actually clean

So do not need the alkaline substances of the bath to neutralize it. So rub up a rich foam problem and then turn off the shower, and then we can wipe it to different parts of Beijing’s body.

Generally speaking, it is best to put the shower gel water foam under the armpits because there is very little hair in this place to keep the shower foam, and not enough in other parts to take it again.

The general body wash water will not touch the vulva too much, after all, it is not designed for private use, so it is not good if it touches the vulva directly.

After wiping the whole body, wipe the keratin on the body with a shower sponge in front and behind, left and right, and left and right. Then turn on the faucet (but if the heating in your home is not good, it is best not to turn off the faucet in winter).

Wipe the shower gel beads directly by replacing the edges, then massage the foam from the head to the feet to completely remove the foam. It is best not to slip your hands or wrinkles on the skin of your fingers.

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寶寶沐浴露水應該選擇有保濕成分嗎? 不完全是,有三點需要注意


Here are two actions that will give you the flexibility to claim your health insurance!

What is a down payment?

It is the amount that the policyholder has to pay when making a claim 墊底費 with the insurance company, and the insurance company will pay the remaining claim amount according to the maximum coverage limit of the insurance plan.

Measure one: to achieve low premiums and high protection

Medical insurance often contradicts medical insurance, single coverage, low coverage, and high-end medical insurance, with high premiums that also provide high guarantees, with total coverage that can be calculated in the tens of millions of dollars per year.

If you use the lowest cost option, the premium is relatively cheap.

Assuming Dad has corporate group health insurance, which can be used to offset the bottom-up cost of individual health insurance, e.g.

Dad’s personal development health insurance company chooses a plan with a $15,000 deductible

Total inpatient medical costs: $70,000

Corporate group coverage limit: $30,000

The father can claim $30,000 from group health insurance and the remaining $40,000 ($70,000 to $30,000) can be claimed from individual health insurance.

Health insurance with minimum payments is available to those who already have other health insurance

Tip #2: No itemized limits claim to the end

General health insurance coverage has limits on items such as inpatient room levels, meals, surgery and indemnity, assuming $1,000 and an actual cost of $1,200, or $200 over the payment limit.

Even if there are other safety items that are not claimed, they do not compensate each other. There is no item limit for CIGNA Premier Health Insurance, and the maximum amount is calculated based on the total amount of the full benefit, making the benefit amount and coverage more flexible.

The insured can be insured together with their family members to provide comprehensive medical services for the whole family.

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What to do with dark circles under the eyes? Just 2 steps to eliminate them, come and try!

In fact, tea oil to remove eye bags and eliminate dark circles is very good, 淡化黑眼圈 the operation method is simple without side effects.

Tea oil is rich in a variety of vitamins and micronutrients, and has strong antioxidant and anti-fatigue and repair effects.

Proper use can effectively remove eye bags, then tea oil bags under the dark circles under the eyes, what is the method?

Massage around the eyes

After washing your face, use a hot towel on your eyes, gently press an appropriate amount of tea oil around your eyes, then use your middle finger and ring finger to gently massage from the inner corner of the eye → upper eye periphery → tail direction.

Then gently massage from the inner corner of the eye → lower eye periphery → tail direction, and repeat until the tea oil is absorbed. The skin around the eyes is delicate and fragile, so be slow and gentle.

Tea Oil Eye Mask

Mix tea oil, honey and yogurt in appropriate amounts by adding them to a container and stirring for a uniform amount of time, then dip a cotton pad into the mixture and stick it on the left and right lower eye area, hold for 10 minutes and remove the pad.

Then gently touch and massage for 2 minutes, finally wash it off the eye problem skin and rub on eye cream.

Tea oil is a natural skin care products for beautiful eyes use quickly, I hope you develop good habits, regular work and rest do not stay up late, enough sleep is the most important skin care products Oh.

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如何去除黑眼圈? 一些省錢實用的簡單方法


The following are some specific strategies for the proper use of blood cell analysis.

Establishing the concept of quality management

Clinical diagnosis and treatment require reliable test results, hematology analyzer and test quality has become the core of clinical laboratory work.

The quality of testing has become the core of clinical laboratory work. The first prerequisite for the use of advanced instruments and methods is quality assurance. Medical personnel need to establish the concept of ensuring the safety of related work and quality management of the whole examination process.

2. Pre-test quality management

In the pre-test stage, health care providers need to do a good job of quality management, including the doctor’s test application form, test form filling, specimen collection, specimen storage and other links.

3. Complete the test results as soon as possible

Samples should be collected as soon as possible after the test, and the test results should be completed as soon as possible during the test to avoid errors.

4. Strengthen the quality management after the test

It is necessary to review the abnormal results of smear, staining and microscopy according to the alarm signal of the instrument, and pay attention to the determination of the content of the sample for review and the method of microscopy.

Complete test results should contain the following information: personal information, sample type, time of collection, item test and analysis results, etc. and should be submitted to the patient when the test results are correct.

The health care providers involved in the laboratory department must standardize and standardize the use of the blood cell analyzer to meet the high requirements of hospital management.

The accuracy of the test results of the instrument and the diagnostic results of the patient’s condition will be effectively guaranteed to help the patient recover soon

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What is third party payment and what are its characteristics?

What is a third-party payment platform system?

The third-party payment service platform management system is designed as a network platform for transaction data support provided by third-party independent institutions with certain economic strength and credit guarantee.

The third-party independent institutions best payment gateway for small business with certain economic strength and reputation guarantee provide the transaction data support network platform. In the analysis of transactions through the third-party payment information platform

After the buyer purchases the goods, he or she pays for the goods using the account provided by the third-party logistics platform, and the third party notifies the seller of the arrival of the goods and their delivery.

After inspecting the goods, the buyer can notify the seller of the payment, and the third party will then transfer the payment to the seller’s account.

What are the characteristics of third-party payment platforms?

Relying on large websites: The third party payment platform itself relies on large portals and is backed by the credit of the banks it works with.

Therefore, the third-party payment platform can break through the credit problem in online transactions, which is conducive to the rapid development of e-commerce.

Convenience, economy and speed: Through a series of application system interface design procedures, a variety of bank card payment development methods are integrated into one interface, which is responsible for the interface with banks in market transaction settlement.

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Notes on the use of masks for sensitive skin? Using the wrong one can cause side effects

1. Any skin mask should be washed, sensitive skin is the most fragile and sensitive skin, the mask must be washed. If the mask is not washed, not only will lose the original beauty effect, 保濕推薦 and even side effects on the skin.

2 absorb moisture in the skin mask, just put on when very moist, with the increase in time, the mask will gradually dry. After a certain time, the mask will be completely dry.

Then absorb the moisture in the skin. The sensitive skin itself is dehydrated, will make the skin more dry.

If you don’t wash your face after applying the mask, the residual nutrients will easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, thus clogging the skin pores and making them thicker and larger.

The pores are blocked after the skin can not absorb the moisture and nutrients from the outside world, it will gradually become more with rough, dull, no light.

Skin is a certain stimulation, sensitive skin resistance is poor, stimulation will be greater than other skin, the end result is skin allergies.

How long to use the mask for sensitive skin

About 15 minutes. The general use of masks have their own label, the application of 15-20 minutes of time, but sensitive skin to carry out more with special, should not stay on the face for a long time mask, only need to apply 15 minutes on it.

After putting on the mask, it usually leaves some essence on your face. You can massage your face gently with your hands to help you absorb the essence better.

Massage for about 1 minute, rinse gently with 30 degree water and continue with your skin care routine.

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How can I improve my learning efficiency by taking online classes?

In order to improve learning efficiency, Distance Education needs to customize the study plan, improve concentration, develop interest, and conduct academic exchanges. The most important thing is to make a suitable study plan and execute it seriously, do more questions, 網課 and pass the exam.

1. Always organize your questions

Before re-studying, find out whether you have a clear direction, whether you often do not have a fixed study time, whether you often procrastinate so that learning can not be completed on time, whether you only use the first few days of a well-designed study plan, and what is the fixed study time per week?

2、Doubts about attention

Attention is a very important factor in the development of learning, and we need to know how to observe the attention of students when they are learning by themselves. Is it true that we can only choose to stick to about 10 minutes, in learning life there are some things that do not directly affect the distraction, or that will often ramble, when learning there is no side chatting with people’s habits.

3、Learning love to question

For learning, my own interest is very important, do I have enough interest in this profession, or just force myself to learn, do I never consciously strengthen my own learning behavior.

4、Questions about learning methods

When we have chosen a learning method and we feel that we are not making progress, have we communicated with other students or teachers about the learning method, or have we asked teachers for advice on learning problems.

Each student should list their own shortcomings from the above questions and have targeted answers and solutions. There are no shortcuts to learning, whether it is distance learning or self-study exams, the only way to improve learning is to put yourself into the learning process.

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For nucleic acid testing, there are five important points to note

1: Do not eat two hours before sampling

Do not smoke, drink water, chew gum, betel nut, etc. 2:30 minutes before sampling. 3.

3: Wear a mask for the nucleic acid amplification test and avoid getting too close to strangers, preferably at a distance of more than one meter.

4: Reduce the number of patients swallowing during the clinical examination, and do not do the action of throat clearing.

5: The elderly, the weak, the disabled, 強制檢測結果通知時間 the young and other professionals can be sampled through the green channel.

Before doing the nucleic acid test, it is best to make an appointment at the official web WeChat account or service number to save time and avoid on-site registration, minimize the crowd and reduce risk.

It is best to avoid drinking or eating for two hours before the nucleic acid test, because when collecting data specimens, companies generally take a throat swab, which may use a cotton swab to stimulate the back wall of the throat, resulting in dry nausea and choking cough.

It is best to do the nucleic acid test, leave the site in a timely manner, know when the nucleic acid test results will be released, and get the report in a timely manner.

Avoid rinsing your mouth with antiseptic mouthwash prior to the nucleic acid test. These mouthwashes may kill disease-causing viruses in the mouth and may affect the accuracy of the test results

Avoid eating 2 hours before the nucleic acid test because the nucleic acid test requires full exposure of the pharynx and immersion of pharyngeal secretions into the test, which can irritate the pharyngeal reflex and cause nausea, vomiting, and coughing.

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8 portrait photography tips to help you take beautiful photos at home

One, not combing hair but makeup.

Take two pictures without combing your hair, but with makeup. Do not comb hair more important natural, makeup more exquisite.

Second, the home balcony head paste.

Shooting on the balcony of your home, the background is the blue sky, 人像攝影 even if the background line, it does not matter, as long as it looks good!

Third, look back and comb hair.

White walls at home as a background, you can look back at the camera, or through two hands on the back side of the hair comb hair, such a gesture is simple and easy to produce imitation. White wall background, home have, shooting is also very simple.

Fourth, take a flower.

Pick a flower, take a picture in the window, or a picture on the white wall. Props are easier to pose, such as on the left side of the photo, near the forehead, or on the right side of the photo, behind the head.

Five, close to the point.

When taking portraits at home, you can also be closer to the person, but the proportion of the face is larger, so that the whole industry face more prominent, more details can be obvious.

Six, and then closer.

The content needs to be more detailed, eye contact can look to the ground, or look at a slightly inclined place, do not look at the camera, so that your portrait photos have some sense of story.

Seven, do not look at the lens.

You can play with your fingers, such as the left side of the painting, or look at the wall, such as the right side of the painting. In short, do not look at the camera, so that the photo of the person, the posture is more natural, but also to avoid the embarrassment of facing the camera.

Eight, at the window.

Back to the window, be sure to use reflectors to portraits for fill light, no reflectors at home, you can also find some pure white sheets, or white clothes, in the opposite side of the person being photographed, you can achieve the effect.

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Bikini bit hair removal methods are many, which one will you choose?

What is the purpose of intimate hair? How often should I trim it? There are many methods of Bikini hair removal, including trimming, waxing, color light, laser, etc. 比堅尼脫毛 Which method should we use?

Q: What is the role of pubic hair?

Pubic hair is actually grown to protect our body. It protects the vagina from foreign bodies or bacteria that can cause vaginitis. It is the first line of defense in maintaining hygiene and reduces friction and pain during sexual activity.

In addition, pubic hair has a warming effect and protects the normal living temperature of the egg, so it definitely has its value in physiological terms!

2 Bikini waxing!

Q: Do you want to shave or keep your pubic hair?

Many Western women have the habit of waxing their private parts regularly. They believe that without pubic hair the vulva will be cleaner and fresher, reducing the chance of infection in the private area.

There are some people who, because of the nature of their work or because they find it easier to live, cut off all their hair, such as models, or girls who like to wear low-waisted pants or beanies. So there is no need to shave your hair, it depends on whether you have such a need.

Although you do not have to shave all the pubic hair, but must be trimmed regularly. Because the pubic hair is too long, in addition to easy to grow out of the pubic hair caterpillar, but also greatly increased the chance of lice infection.

3 Bikini bit hair removal method

If the money budget is more, you can consider the use of home and laser hair removal device specifically to cope with private hair, or to the beauty salon for laser hair removal treatment.

Home different laser hair removal device operation management method, and first make a good risk assessment, find a qualified beautician before carrying out treatment. Money is very important, but your own body and hair is more important, so be sure to understand the students clearly first!

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