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Here are two actions that will give you the flexibility to claim your health insurance!

What is a down payment?

It is the amount that the policyholder has to pay when making a claim 墊底費 with the insurance company, and the insurance company will pay the remaining claim amount according to the maximum coverage limit of the insurance plan.

Measure one: to achieve low premiums and high protection

Medical insurance often contradicts medical insurance, single coverage, low coverage, and high-end medical insurance, with high premiums that also provide high guarantees, with total coverage that can be calculated in the tens of millions of dollars per year.

If you use the lowest cost option, the premium is relatively cheap.

Assuming Dad has corporate group health insurance, which can be used to offset the bottom-up cost of individual health insurance, e.g.

Dad’s personal development health insurance company chooses a plan with a $15,000 deductible

Total inpatient medical costs: $70,000

Corporate group coverage limit: $30,000

The father can claim $30,000 from group health insurance and the remaining $40,000 ($70,000 to $30,000) can be claimed from individual health insurance.

Health insurance with minimum payments is available to those who already have other health insurance

Tip #2: No itemized limits claim to the end

General health insurance coverage has limits on items such as inpatient room levels, meals, surgery and indemnity, assuming $1,000 and an actual cost of $1,200, or $200 over the payment limit.

Even if there are other safety items that are not claimed, they do not compensate each other. There is no item limit for CIGNA Premier Health Insurance, and the maximum amount is calculated based on the total amount of the full benefit, making the benefit amount and coverage more flexible.

The insured can be insured together with their family members to provide comprehensive medical services for the whole family.

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What are the advantages of small loans, small loans are worth choosing

In fact, this problem loan management is a very good way for people who need less loan funds and need money more urgently. What are the advantages of loans

1, the application threshold is low.

Compared to the more selective development of banks, a lot more approachable. 貸款 Some enterprises with low income levels or wages for cash disbursement survey form (can provide 3-6 months of self-storage flow) borrowers, can be directly through the small loan company to do the loan.

2、Fast lending speed.

The bank’s audit workflow is strict and cumbersome, but the loan management agency, on the contrary, is quite efficient, which undoubtedly improves the speed of business lending. Therefore, if you need money urgently, you may consider applying for a loan from such a research institution.

3. Credit information is generally not included in credit systems.

Although credit information systems are becoming more mature, they still need to be further improved. The reason is that credit transactions between borrowers and some lenders other than banks are often not recorded in credit reporting systems and are not reflected in credit reports.

They are not reflected in credit reports. This means that the borrower’s debt status and delinquency will not only enjoy full “privacy”, but also facilitate the borrower to borrow from other institutions again.

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