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Notes on the use of masks for sensitive skin? Using the wrong one can cause side effects

1. Any skin mask should be washed, sensitive skin is the most fragile and sensitive skin, the mask must be washed. If the mask is not washed, not only will lose the original beauty effect, 保濕推薦 and even side effects on the skin.

2 absorb moisture in the skin mask, just put on when very moist, with the increase in time, the mask will gradually dry. After a certain time, the mask will be completely dry.

Then absorb the moisture in the skin. The sensitive skin itself is dehydrated, will make the skin more dry.

If you don’t wash your face after applying the mask, the residual nutrients will easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, thus clogging the skin pores and making them thicker and larger.

The pores are blocked after the skin can not absorb the moisture and nutrients from the outside world, it will gradually become more with rough, dull, no light.

Skin is a certain stimulation, sensitive skin resistance is poor, stimulation will be greater than other skin, the end result is skin allergies.

How long to use the mask for sensitive skin

About 15 minutes. The general use of masks have their own label, the application of 15-20 minutes of time, but sensitive skin to carry out more with special, should not stay on the face for a long time mask, only need to apply 15 minutes on it.

After putting on the mask, it usually leaves some essence on your face. You can massage your face gently with your hands to help you absorb the essence better.

Massage for about 1 minute, rinse gently with 30 degree water and continue with your skin care routine.

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