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Bikini bit hair removal methods are many, which one will you choose?

What is the purpose of intimate hair? How often should I trim it? There are many methods of Bikini hair removal, including trimming, waxing, color light, laser, etc. 比堅尼脫毛 Which method should we use?

Q: What is the role of pubic hair?

Pubic hair is actually grown to protect our body. It protects the vagina from foreign bodies or bacteria that can cause vaginitis. It is the first line of defense in maintaining hygiene and reduces friction and pain during sexual activity.

In addition, pubic hair has a warming effect and protects the normal living temperature of the egg, so it definitely has its value in physiological terms!

2 Bikini waxing!

Q: Do you want to shave or keep your pubic hair?

Many Western women have the habit of waxing their private parts regularly. They believe that without pubic hair the vulva will be cleaner and fresher, reducing the chance of infection in the private area.

There are some people who, because of the nature of their work or because they find it easier to live, cut off all their hair, such as models, or girls who like to wear low-waisted pants or beanies. So there is no need to shave your hair, it depends on whether you have such a need.

Although you do not have to shave all the pubic hair, but must be trimmed regularly. Because the pubic hair is too long, in addition to easy to grow out of the pubic hair caterpillar, but also greatly increased the chance of lice infection.

3 Bikini bit hair removal method

If the money budget is more, you can consider the use of home and laser hair removal device specifically to cope with private hair, or to the beauty salon for laser hair removal treatment.

Home different laser hair removal device operation management method, and first make a good risk assessment, find a qualified beautician before carrying out treatment. Money is very important, but your own body and hair is more important, so be sure to understand the students clearly first!

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