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If you don’t know, check out the proper way to use body wash.

I have to wet our body before using the shower gel water, it is better not to wet our body after pouring the shower gel water because it will wash away the shower gel water.

Don’t sprinkle the shower gel on the flowers, 沐浴露推薦 so the bottle will be full of water and the shower gel will not last long.

2. Then pour the bath on the bath sponge or bath mitt. Be sure to pour it on the bath accessories, otherwise it will not only be wasteful, but also bad.

If you don’t believe me, you can contrast using bath cotton and then use the cotton without bath. See if you will get used to no bath

3. and then the bath cotton rubbed up rich foam, need to remember that oh if there is no foam do not rub to the body, this is not throwing the body wash because the bath cotton is actually clean

So do not need the alkaline substances of the bath to neutralize it. So rub up a rich foam problem and then turn off the shower, and then we can wipe it to different parts of Beijing’s body.

Generally speaking, it is best to put the shower gel water foam under the armpits because there is very little hair in this place to keep the shower foam, and not enough in other parts to take it again.

The general body wash water will not touch the vulva too much, after all, it is not designed for private use, so it is not good if it touches the vulva directly.

After wiping the whole body, wipe the keratin on the body with a shower sponge in front and behind, left and right, and left and right. Then turn on the faucet (but if the heating in your home is not good, it is best not to turn off the faucet in winter).

Wipe the shower gel beads directly by replacing the edges, then massage the foam from the head to the feet to completely remove the foam. It is best not to slip your hands or wrinkles on the skin of your fingers.

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