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How can I improve my learning efficiency by taking online classes?

In order to improve learning efficiency, Distance Education needs to customize the study plan, improve concentration, develop interest, and conduct academic exchanges. The most important thing is to make a suitable study plan and execute it seriously, do more questions, 網課 and pass the exam.

1. Always organize your questions

Before re-studying, find out whether you have a clear direction, whether you often do not have a fixed study time, whether you often procrastinate so that learning can not be completed on time, whether you only use the first few days of a well-designed study plan, and what is the fixed study time per week?

2、Doubts about attention

Attention is a very important factor in the development of learning, and we need to know how to observe the attention of students when they are learning by themselves. Is it true that we can only choose to stick to about 10 minutes, in learning life there are some things that do not directly affect the distraction, or that will often ramble, when learning there is no side chatting with people’s habits.

3、Learning love to question

For learning, my own interest is very important, do I have enough interest in this profession, or just force myself to learn, do I never consciously strengthen my own learning behavior.

4、Questions about learning methods

When we have chosen a learning method and we feel that we are not making progress, have we communicated with other students or teachers about the learning method, or have we asked teachers for advice on learning problems.

Each student should list their own shortcomings from the above questions and have targeted answers and solutions. There are no shortcuts to learning, whether it is distance learning or self-study exams, the only way to improve learning is to put yourself into the learning process.

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