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The following are some specific strategies for the proper use of blood cell analysis.

Establishing the concept of quality management

Clinical diagnosis and treatment require reliable test results, hematology analyzer and test quality has become the core of clinical laboratory work.

The quality of testing has become the core of clinical laboratory work. The first prerequisite for the use of advanced instruments and methods is quality assurance. Medical personnel need to establish the concept of ensuring the safety of related work and quality management of the whole examination process.

2. Pre-test quality management

In the pre-test stage, health care providers need to do a good job of quality management, including the doctor’s test application form, test form filling, specimen collection, specimen storage and other links.

3. Complete the test results as soon as possible

Samples should be collected as soon as possible after the test, and the test results should be completed as soon as possible during the test to avoid errors.

4. Strengthen the quality management after the test

It is necessary to review the abnormal results of smear, staining and microscopy according to the alarm signal of the instrument, and pay attention to the determination of the content of the sample for review and the method of microscopy.

Complete test results should contain the following information: personal information, sample type, time of collection, item test and analysis results, etc. and should be submitted to the patient when the test results are correct.

The health care providers involved in the laboratory department must standardize and standardize the use of the blood cell analyzer to meet the high requirements of hospital management.

The accuracy of the test results of the instrument and the diagnostic results of the patient’s condition will be effectively guaranteed to help the patient recover soon

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